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Medal design competition

Medal design competition

The medal design competition for the Winter Youth Olympic Games is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for artists to showcase their talent and have their design featured at the international event. The competition, which takes place over five weeks, invites participants from all over the world to design the obverse (front) of the medal*, inspired by the values of the Winter YOG. The winning design will be used for the medals awarded to the athletes at Gangwon 2024, providing a lasting legacy from the event and for the talented artist behind the design.
*subject to the Rules of the Youth Olympic Games Medal Design Competition


Our winter dreams

Brian Omoruyi

27 years old, Nigeria

Feb 24, 2023

Angelica Patricia

Moongcho Winners

Angelica Patricia Corredor Nivia

33 years old, Colombia

Feb 15, 2023


The Spirit of Winter

Kyra Leber

0 years old, Germany

Mar 07, 2023


Let's Fly

Supreetha Krishnan

25 years old, India

Mar 08, 2023

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