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Zakea Page

Top tips from a previous Youth Olympic Games Medal Design Competition winner

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Youth Olympic Games (YOG) fans all over the world once again have a chance to be part of Olympic history as the next edition of the YOG Medal Design Competition is launched, in the run-up to Gangwon 2024. Jury member and former competition winner Zakea Page from New Zealand has a few expert tips for those who will be taking part in the contest.

We spoke to the 24-year-old artist, designer and budding filmmaker, whose creation entitled “Beauty in Diversity” was the winning medal design for the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020.  

Let’s start with Lausanne 2020. What made you want to participate in that Medal Design Competition?

The Olympics had always been a dream for me since I was a little child playing field hockey in New Zealand. There was always this longing to represent New Zealand on the world stage. Later, I also grew a passion for art and design and the Olympic dream evolved, but I still wanted to achieve it. I still wanted to be involved in the Games. So, when I saw the Medal Design Competition, I saw it as an incredible opportunity that allowed me to do just that, through my art.

I first took part in the competition for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, which I didn’t win! But it was a good way for me to learn about successful designing, and I guess a lot of what I learned then helped me when it came to the Lausanne 2020 competition.

What do you think was the differentiating factor in your creation being selected as the winning medal design for the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020?

To anyone entering this competition, I would first of all like to congratulate them for taking part. I think that's part of the Olympic spirit, to take part and try your best. Looking back on my experience at Lausanne 2020, I am so grateful to have been a small part of it, and it is a great honour to be on the judging panel this time.

I can only speak from my experience, and what worked for me was looking at different designs from previous editions of the Games, as well as other events such as World Cups and Commonwealth Games. Then obviously researching a lot about the Olympic Movement, and Lausanne, the host city. I took all that into my creative process.

As a previous winner, what would be your advice to those taking part this time?

Do a lot of research about the Olympic Movement, the Olympic values and also about the host nation and host city. Take a look at medals from different events and observe design trends. But then take that and think of something completely fresh.

I think it's hard to be totally original because there's been so much that’s done before, but strive for something that's a fresh take. Try to incorporate the Olympic values into the medal design and think about how you could symbolise the upcoming Games.

I’m really excited to see what people come up with. An Olympic medal means so much: it’s the pinnacle of achievement for athletes.

All entries can be submitted directly on the Medal Design Competition website, and further information is available here.

Zakea Page

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