Beyond the Summit

Beyond the Summit

Muhammad Hanif Revano, 20 Jahre, Indonesien

07.03.2019 | 108

Spirit of the youth is an unwavering spirit that always seek for challenges that are bigger than themselves. Inspired by the Alps, the geometry design that combines these basic forms represents the passionate young spirit.

The triangular shape symbolizes the towering mountains. The spirit of the youth is always looking for more conquests, from the lowest point to the highest most invisible peak. The line element represents the small steps that are needed in order to reach the top. The highest peak of the mountain that are barely visible represent that there are no limits to what one can achieve.

In the process of achieving success, the Olympic spirit illuminates every step to the top. This is symbolized by an Olympic ring that shines between the mountains. The faded lines as the background of the mountain symbolize two things: sky and wind. The sky is meant to be a reminder that even though athletes are able to reach even the highest of the peaks, they must be capable enough to prioritize fairplay and humility. As Pierre de Coubertin once said, "the important thing is not to win, but to take part". Aside of that, the meaning of the wind is to remind that the struggles to reach the top is not going to be easy, there will always be obstacles that lies ahead. Even so, those who posses the spirit of the youth will not give up to reach the highest peak because winners aren't quitters.