Turn the mountain upside down

Turn the mountain upside down

Vasileios Mitrousias, 28 years old, Greece

Mar 8, 2019 | 451

The main concept depicted in this medal is a mountain with 3 summits in its normal and reverse form. The Olympic rings are in the center of the medal, and this couldn’t be different since athletes from all 5 continents are in the center of attention during the winter Olympic games.

The mountain was chosen since it is the main venue of the winter Olympic games. It has 3 summits since it has been designed for the 3rd edition of the winter Olympic games. It also resembles the podium where the 3 winners stand to receive their medals.

Its reverse depiction is a symbolism. It reflects on the opinion that the fighting spirit of the youth may even turn a mountain upside down when will, passion, respect, and teamwork are called forth. Our societies face harsh problems. Either it is war or migration, pollution or climate change, these problems seem difficult to solve if not impossible. Each and every one of us should be inspired by the passion and devotion of the Olympic athletes, by their fighting spirit, by the fierceness of the youth. It is only then that the impossible may become possible and “the mountain may turn upside down”.

Pierre de Coubertin had said, “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well”. This medal is about fighting. Fighting so strong that even when you can’t reach the summit, you can turn the mountain upside down to conquer it. The future lies in the hands of our youth. Some of them will be competing at Lausanne Winter Olympic Games in 2020. Let them be a paradigm, let them inspire you, let them turn the world upside down!