Fireworks Of Victory

Fireworks Of Victory

Muhamad Farid Husen, 18 ans, Indonésie

8 déc. 2017 | 3 574

This medal was inspired by the fireworks.

In certain events, fireworks is the most awaited moment. Fireworks are something interesting, it's beautiful and it's make the atmosphere more life and memorable. It's same with The Youth Olympic Games, which is the most awaited moment. The moment that can make dreams come true. The moment that always memorable for everyone.

Fireworks representing the excitement and the glory of the Youth Olympic Games. Where the all nations come together as one to participate and celebrate with excited and euphoria.

Fireworks usually showing up at the celebration. It's representing the celebration of the athlete victory. After a long journey, where it's full of fighting and sacrifices. They deserve to celebrate their victory.

Fireworks fly to the sky, give the reflection how the young athlete reaching their dreams. The sparkling fireworks lluminate the sky beautifully. Which is give the reflection of the young athlete from the entire world, although they have a lot differences,they united as one. They give an inspiration and spirits to young generations​