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Root to Rise

Brooklyn McDougall, 만 24세, 캐나다

Feb 26, 2023 

‘Root to Rise’ represents the Gangwon 2024 slogan “Grow together, shine forever”. Root to Rise is a yoga mantra, meaning you must ground yourself and establish a strong foundation before rising. Like a seed, it takes time to germinate and establish its roots before flourishing above ground in the sunlight. Grow together: The medal depicts roots growing and expanding below, representing the interconnectedness of our world and relationships, the support of those around us, and learning and growing from our mistakes. Shine forever: The medal also shows a shining globe above, representing triumph, excellence, and respect for one another. The middle of the medal shows a figure, representing The Human, The Soul, The Athlete; the one persevering on this journey. Every person has a different journey and a unique story to tell that has led to who they are today. My hope is to have each medalist be reminded of their own unique journey when they look at their medal. Remind them of who they are, how far they have come, and how proud they should be of their achievements.

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