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The Bridging Peaks

Kristýna Beringerová, 27 years old, Czechia

Mar 08, 2023 

The Bridging Peaks Medal represents the bridge between the Youth Olympics and the Olympic Games, reflecting the journey of youth athletes as they compete in the Winter Youth Olympic Games and aspire to participate in future Olympics. The medal features a part of a feather, created from a slightly modified element from the Pyeongchang Olympic medal to celebrate the connection, the bridge. The feather symbolizes the wing of Nike, the goddess of victory, or the wing of the Korean magpie, which is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The stripped texture also represents the mark in the snow or ice every athlete creates with their equipment. Additionally, the medal incorporates a stylized Korean symbol for strength, representing the hard work, will and determination of the young athletes. The stylized symbol also creates the letter “G”, representing Gangwon. The medal honors the dedication and commitment of these athletes to their sport and supports their potential to reach the peak of Olympic success.

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