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Medal design competition


The Adrenaline of Winning

Radina Kirova, 18 years old, Bulgaria

Mar 08, 2023 

The components of which the medal is sustaining are supposed to show friendship, diversity, the adreniline and dynimics of both competing and winning and of course the season. The half snowflake is to express that those are in fact the Winter Youth Olympic Games, rather than the summer ones. Beneth it there is a rhombus showing the four world directions, meaning that the games are to unite all the people of the world. On the two sides of the rhombus are ribbons holding it in place, representing the unity and friendship between all those nations competing. Undreneath in the bottom is the laurel wreath, a symbol of victory and excellence. Between the wreath and thr ribbon with the rhombus are flying snowballs. They are representing the theme of next years Youth Olymic Games, as well as the dynimics of sports. Snowball fights are connected with friendship rivery where u try to beat the others, but in the end all of the contestents are united and feeling fullfiled by the activity.

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