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Martha Lucía

Path Of Legacy

Martha Lucía Thompson Luna, 26 years old, Mexico

Mar 08, 2023 

Each athlete has their own path, but at some point, they converge to reach the same goal: legacy. Those paths traced in the snow on their way, full of effort, passion, hardworking hours, and fun are the ones that show how they have grown in their lives. This serves as an inspiration for young people who’s just stared they’re own way to the top. This is what I want them to remember when they see this medal on their necks: There are multiple paths on the way, with ups, downs and turns, but their persistence, discipline, values, respect to others paths and courage to keep going are the key that will lead them to reach the top, just like they did by winning this medal. There’s a long way to go yet, there’s always room for improvement and new paths to create or follow, but in the end, athletes coexist together and inspire each other to shine their way to the top and pursue legacy.

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