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Caius Pereira Filho, 45 years old, Brazil

Mar 08, 2023 

The Olympic medal is much more than a simple object, it is a symbol of strength, resilience and conquest that crosses time and marks history. The idea of ​​taking inspiration from rocks to create an Olympic medal is an inspired and meaningful choice. Rocks are an element present in nature since the dawn of humanity and are a symbol of stability, durability and resistance. Likewise, Olympic athletes dedicate years of their lives training and preparing to face challenges and overcome obstacles in pursuit of victory. Choosing to be inspired by rocks to create an Olympic medal is a way of recognizing the efforts and dedication of athletes and celebrating their strength and endurance. In addition, this choice also brings a connection to history and culture, as many ancient civilizations used rocks as symbols of power and achievement. The Olympic rock medal would be a modern symbol of this tradition, representing not only the achievements of the athletes, but also the perseverance, determination and spirit of overcoming that they embody. She would be a tribute to the Olympic values ​​of excellence, friendship and respect, and an enduring symbol of the strength and resilience of Olympic athletes. In summary, the Olympic rock medal would be a powerful and inspiring concept that would represent not only sporting achievement, but also the history, culture and universal values ​​of humanity. It would be a celebration of the strength and endurance of athletes and a reminder that even in the face of the greatest challenges, we can overcome obstacles and achieve victory.

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