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togetherness and perspective of a champion

Steffania Barrientos, 18 years old, United States

Mar 08, 2023 

With the naked eye you can see the mungunghwa, "the eternal flower that never withers", while it represents Korea, the host country, its five petals represent each continent, which for the Olympic Games come together to compete on equal terms , where race , gender, religion or skin color does not matter. The spirit of the Olympic Games is precisely to unite the world through sport, as well as the brotherhood that exists between athletes when competing. Forming something as amazing as this beautiful flower. This feeling of togetherness must never wither. However, each contestant is in a constant struggle with himself to become a champion, which is why if you look at the medal from top to bottom (exactly how the winners see it when the medal hangs around their necks) you can see the face of a tiger, an amazing animal, which represents essential values ​​for a winner, because a tiger never gives up, it is brave and strong, always fighting to win.

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