Gangwon 2024 Logo with mascot

Medal design competition



Jaeyoung Woo, 22 years old, South Korea

Mar 08, 2023 

A source of light is pronounced "GWANGWON" in Korean. I designed the medal by combining the pronunciation similarity between 'Gwangwon' and 'Gangwon' and the slogan of the Gangwon Youth Olympics, 'Grow Together Shine Together'. The Olympic flag expressed the light spreading around the center (Gangwon), and several discs were designed inspired by the curved movements of winter sports such as figure skating, corner skating by skaters, round puck of hockey, skiing by skiers, and bobsled tracks. Also, the seven disks surrounding the central Olympic flag represent the high mountain ranges surrounding Gangwon and each Youth Olympic sports event. It is a medal design in which seven original plates (sports players in each event) COME TOGETHER AS ONE to form light that spreads out from the light source.

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